Our nonprofit beneficiaries are changing the world. Get to know them:


Our model for picking beneficiaries is pretty straightforward:

1.  Pick a town where we want to produce a concert. While we’re in a growing phase, geographic and human resource considerations play a big role in picking a location.

2. Research nonprofits working at the local level to fight poverty in that town. Poverty has detrimental effects large and small, so we do not have a specific type of program the nonprofit must run. In fact, we have worked with groups that house the homeless, teach at-risk youth, provide emergency assistance to families, and who provide dental care to the indigent. Whatever the program, it must be proven to be effective and utilize best practices in the field. We research the organization’s financials, their reputation, and the level of awareness that exists about their mission.

3.  Select the charity, then get to work planning and producing the concert. We endeavor not to overburden our beneficiary charity, so we handle most of the logistics. We ask the beneficiary for connections to potential sponsors, for assistance promoting the concert to their network, and for a volunteer or two to help at the show. Then we ask them to pick up the check when it’s over (and take a picture with us!).

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