We are incredibly proud of all the nonprofits we support. We wish we could support a thousand more. Here’s a list of the ones we have been fortunate enough to work with.

Decatur Cooperative Ministry

Our hometown charity, we’ve supported DCM since 2011 and have donated over $190,000 to support their work providing emergency shelter to women and children, providing temporary housing to families, and helping households with emergency bill assistance.

Open Table Nashville

Open Table is a leader in Nashville’s Housing First movement, and has helped place over 1,000 Chronically Homeless and Veterans in housing in the past two years.

Family Connection – Communities in Schools of Athens 

FC-CIS is an incredible collaboration in Athens Georgia that does whatever it takes to ensure children in grades k-12 are on track to graduate and obtain a post-secondary education.

Pisgah Legal Services 

Pisgah Legal provides legal assistance to the indigent in Western North Carolina, helping victims of domestic abuse, fraud, and wrongful eviction, as well as assisting residents obtain healthcare and other critical services.

Family Promise of Gwinnett County

FPG houses homeless families in local churches and gives them training to find employment and housing.

Virginia Dental Association Foundation

This group links dentists willing to donate services to residents of Virginia in need. Too often dental issues can completely undermine individual’s ability to gain employment or live healthy lives. VDAF addresses this often overlooked need.

Decatur Education Foundation

The Decatur Education Foundation helps Decatur youth realize their full potential by removing obstacles to learning, fueling personal effort, and supporting teacher innovation. The foundation is an independent nonprofit that works in close partnership with City Schools of Decatur.

Intown Collaborative Ministries

Intown is an amazing nonprofit formed several years ago. They provide a food pantry for the homeless and recently launched an initiative doing Housing First in Atlanta.

Urban Ministry Center

This charity is on the forefront. Not only do they run a soup kitchen and resource center for the homeless, they built a 83 unit apartment complex for the Chronically Homeless, are building more housing, and are leading the charge to end chronic homelessness in Charlotte.


Amplify My Community stands in solidarity with the peaceful protestors across the country, and with every American—especially members of the African American community—who feel pain and anger following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many more innocent black women, men, and children.

We share these feelings and understand that, for many, they are born out of years, decades, and centuries of systemic racism and injustice.

We take our name and mission from the belief that local organizations can amplify awareness of the challenges our communities face, work to help find solutions, and elevate the leaders who bring us together in difficult times.

We were founded just a few miles from the childhood home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and believe wholeheartedly that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We pray for justice for George Floyd, seek peace and progress in our communities, and will actively pursue our mission of supporting and empowering the most vulnerable among us.

Black Lives Matter.

-Your friends at Amplify